Meet the faces of The Cruelty Free Shop!


This is the lovely Reeni who loves working at our Canberra shop. We’d like to share her vegan story with you:

“I went vegan for the animals. I have always (my whole life) felt a strong connection and emotional attachment to animals. At 17 I began my journey into vegetarianism ...until 5 years ago when I finally became vegan. I wish I had done it sooner but now know there is no going back.

For me there is no question animals are sentient beings just like us and have as much right to life and freedom as we do. I participate in as much activism as I can, assist local sanctuaries when possible.

I adore my job at Cruelty Free Shop. I am so proud to be a part of this team. I love the fundraising for different animal groups. I get to talk to different people every single day. From vegans, to vegetarians and omnis looking to transition to vegan.

I love the diversity of ages veganism is reaching - from babies to seniors. Sometimes it's just the adults in the family who are vegan. Sometimes it's the kids...Sometimes it's the whole family. I get to talk to people from smaller country towns where vegan options are pretty limited.

I love the chats and debriefs from vegans who are feeling a bit lost or alone in a non-vegan world and they are able to get some stuff off their chest with me. I love the chats with (not yet vegan) people and seeing them make the connection after a little conversation... There are so many aspects to my job that I love. The relationships I've developed with some of the regulars that come in, make my day.”

We love working with Reeni too!

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  • Jessica Bailey
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