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Mac, cheese & 'bacon' balls recipe

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Recipe by Carmel Lyons, winner of the Oliana Foods' recipe competition


3 cups cooked macaroni
3 tbsp Nuttelex
3 tbsp plain flour
1 cup soy milk
1⁄2 heaped tsp vegan stock powder
1 heaped tbsp savoury yeast
1 cup Oliana Tasty Dairy Free Cheese, grated
50g Oliana Cheddar Dairy Free Cheese, cut into 12 small cubes
3 vegan bacon rashers, diced
Salt & pepper
1⁄2 cup breadcrumbs
Oil for frying


  1. Fry bacon until crispy & set aside.
  2. In a saucepan, melt Nuttelex, stir in flour & cook for 1 min. Slowly add soy milk, whisking constantly, until smooth. Continue to stir until it thickens slightly.
  3. Remove from heat, add stock powder, savoury yeast, grated cheese, & salt & pepper to taste. Stir in bacon & add cooked macaroni one cup at a time.
  4. Using one heaped tbsp of the mix at a time, shape into a ball then add a cube of cheddar in the centre & roll in the breadcrumbs.
  5. Heat oil in a pot or deep fry pan & cook the balls, a few at a time, until golden. Drain on paper towel.