What's in a name?

What's in a name?

What's in a name? When I started The Cruelty Free Shop nearly 20 years ago, the expanse of vegan options available today was merely a far off dream. Most people didn’t even know what a vegan was.

These days veganism is well and truly mainstream, you can find delicious vegan food at fast food chains, there are vegan restaurants on every high street, and everyone knows someone who’s gone vegan recently. Things sure have changed… for the better!

The Cruelty Free Shop is now operating in a world where the word vegan isn't confusing, it’s celebrated. People are going vegan for so many reasons, for the animals, for their health, and for the health of the planet, and I want our name to reflect that.

 Meet Vegan Grocery Store - your one stop shop for everything vegan, where label checking, WPM (Walking Past Meat) anxiety, and having to explain your food choices are a thing of the past.

The Vegan Grocery Store is a social place, where vegans and vegan-curious can meet, mingle, get friendly advice, learn, and of course find the widest range of vegan products in Australia.

For people who want to reduce meat and dairy in their diet, we make it easy to find vegan versions of their favourite foods so no-one feels like they’re missing out on anything. We’re helping people make kinder choices, not just for animals but for the environment and for their own health. 

For our loyal customers, we want the name of our business to represent them and their interests, we’re vegan and we’re here to shout it!

A new name makes it easier for people to find us, it's clear, it's unequivocal, and most of all it’s a name that’s as proud as we are of the amazing things that vegans are doing all around the world.

Jess x

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  • Jessica Bailey
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  • Vegan Virtues
    Vegan Virtues

    Happy to see the word VEGAN on ur shop name.

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